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Hello Dan ,

I just received my replacement adapter and arrived in good order , thank you so much an also for the gift , have a good rest of the week,


Regards – Shazzie






Shazie Williamson - February 7, 2018

Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for the excellent service! I received the confirmation email already.
Best regards, met vriendelijke groet,
Marjolein Verbraeken 
Marjolein Verbraeken –January 29,2018
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Oh my, Dan, thank you!!  I really think a Large is needed for me, if you truly are sending a 2nd vest! This is amazing customer service!  Many years ago I ordered crop pants (or they are tagged as “capri flares”) from Zaggora through a Groupon special for exercising/sweating/weight loss and really like them. I ordered 2 pair, 1 small for me, and 1 medium for my daughter, and they are very nice! The neoprene type fabric is identical to your vests, etc. so I’d really like a Large so it is much easier to get on/off, please!

Thank you SO much again, Dan, I am very impressed with your customer service!
Grateful, Kindest Regards,
Linda Smart
Linda Smart– January 23, 2018

Dear Dan,

Thank you for that and your email made me really happy! I hope this time this will not happen again! This is exactly my address.

Thank you for taking care of the issue so promptly.

Have a great day.

Emmanuel K. / Outlook

Just received my unit today! I started using right away. I got it for the tens. Using it on my back and ankles. (aging athlete). . works great easy to use and understand instructions. I also own the knee wrap with heat and tens, it is another great product that is helping my recovery! would highly recommend!



Brigette D. – September 19, 2017

For an inexpensive walking mat it is good for what it is. I use this to encourage people to walk barefoot (I am a yoga teacher). The foot and all of its joints should be able to conform (or deform) around the objects. This stimulates the foots muscles and nerves to bring the foot alive. I have also just picked up river stone and sea shell and place them on an old yoga mat and have people walk over there items too.


Nancy Hubert - October 26, 2017


The foot massage mat’s length is longer than I expected, which is a plus. More than one person can stand on it at a time. It is a little painful when I first stand on it, but afterwards my foot feels very relaxed and good. Another thing I find useful is that this mat includes a diagram that shows massaging which part of the feet helps which part of the organ in the body. I really enjoy using it.


Samantha Cook - November 14, 2017


Works great! This is my 3rd order from your store. Very happy with this product. Thank you for the exceptional customer service, always.





Ann P. Burnett – December 20,2017


Love this product, the best way to recovery! I used it after training or before going to bed and is just great! For leg day is a must! i got this with the black Friday deal and really worth it!!!





Michael Rosbeck – January 6, 2018



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